About Us

Deckelman LLC is a haul for hire trucking company located in Fremont Center, NY.  We have 25 tri-axle dump trucks, 12 tractors, 26 trailers, (6) dumps, (3)lowboys, (3) flat beds, (12) live bottoms, and (2) walking floors).

We are available to haul asphalt, stone, sand, dirt/fill, and move equipment in Sullivan County and the surrounding area.

We also provide construction services.

We also have a DEC permit (4A-454) to haul petroleum contaminated soil, C&D, and waste tires.

150 County Road 95

P.O. Box 35

Fremont Center, NY  12736

To contact us:

Phone: 845-887-4769

Fax: 845-887-6138

E-mail: deckelmanllc@aol.com

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